Paradox Escape Route DEMO v1.3

    Changes as of 1/2/2018

Hello all,

If you haven't tried to download Paradox E.R already, I have done some updates to the first to uploads of the game that fixes some minor glitches and inconveniences that aren't necessarily game breaking, but hinder the experience a bit.  Thank you for checking out the DEMO and tell me what you think. Thank you for playing!

Found at there is a loop that brings your right back to the Forge after leaving that area in any way. Fixed it right up!

Found a couple of camera obscurities in various areas, looking to find more and perhaps change angles for awkward running directions. (WIP)

Found some OP weapons that seem to decimate some of the first bosses with ease, so I toned a couple weapons down a bit. (WIP)

I noticed there are still blackouts and discoloration on some of the barrels/pipes and the generators scattered throughout the game. I am looking to decipher the modeling side of things more closely to try and solve this problem. Until then some help in this department would be appreciated. (WIP)

Still adding fencing and various doodads to the game as soon as I can afford new models, and learn how to properly implement them.

Fixed some images that wouldn't go away and still need to remove the little strips of land under neath most of the doors in the loading sequence. For those curious those were simply place markers for doors I couldn't see in the camera direction scope in SGB.


Paradox Escape Route DEMO V1.2.rar 251 MB
Jan 02, 2018
Paradox Escape Route DEMO v1.3.rar 251 MB
Jan 03, 2018

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